Program services are designed to prevent clients from developing problems that interfere with adjustment and functioning and to intervene early to prevent the long-term effects of exposure to psychological harms. The interventions adopt an ecological perspective that views participants as dynamically interacting between themselves and their environment.


Balancing the Adjustment for Baby and You Home-based therapy for mothers of young children (ages 0-6) Motherhood can be a huge undertaking and the adjustment isn’t always smooth. Many new moms experience the ‘baby blues’ after childbirth, which can include sporadic mood swings and crying spells. Postpartum disorders aren’t character flaws. If you suspect you are experiencing perinatal or postpartum mood disorders, prompt treatment can help you manage your symptoms — and enjoy your baby. DFM Wellness will guide you through the fog. Sessions will focus on alleviating feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as transitioning during adjustments (returning to work, work-life balance).


Responding Early to Affirm our Legacy Workshop series for young ladies and women (ages 12 and beyond) The ability to discover and use the resources within and around you can be challenging. As a collective women, we can aid each other in discovering the steps needed to seize control over their lives and the decisions that are critical to their future. This program will allow women – young and old – to reaffirm their identify and foster a sense of accountability. R.E.A.L TALK is a series of reflective interviews posted at with women detailing their opinions successes, and suggestions to avoid their failures. The program incorporates quarterly workshops where women gather to engage in inter-generational dialogue and resources identification. Here women will align in pursuit of self-discovery, resource assembly, and the creation of supportive networks to empower those who need it most.

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